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M035 'Aoi Matsuri' Organic Oversized T-shirt

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Oversized Unisex T-shirt (White & Light Pink Print)
Orders from the US we recommend checking the size guide as UK measurements differ.
Material: 100% Combed Organic Cotton with a fabric weight of 190 gsm. Jersey 5.6 oz. Fair Wear Accredited, PETA-Approved Vegan.
Weight: 190 G/M²

As is Hachiman tradition, each piece we create is made with a story in mind. For the Matsuri Series the chosen theme is Festivals, with the focus of this piece being the Aoi Festival.

The Aoi festival is estimated to have begun in the the 7th century. Following natural disasters and huge crop shortages, the emperor sent an imperial envoy to give prayer and gifts to the deities for appeasement. After this ceremony, the poor fortune of the people subsided. Despite it being discontinued many times since it’s establishment, every time it comes back revived and with new vigour.


One aspect of the festival involves the retinue of the Saiō-Dai (斎王代). These were originally young women from the Japanese Imperial Family that were sent to dedicate themselves to the Shimogamo Shrine. The woman was chosen through divination using either a burnt tortoise shell or deer bones. Nowadays the ceremony does not involve royals, but instead a young unmarried woman who must undergo many purification rituals and and rights to be considered worthy of dedicating herself to the shrine. 

The Imperial Princess's procession in this event, is made up of noble women, ladies in waiting and priestesses which is what was primarily depicted in this design.


The combined effort from the people of Kyoto made it so the cities oldest and most stoic festival  can be carried out to this day with pride.

七転び八起き 'Fall down seven times, stand up eight' A Japanese idiom of perseverance.


Care instructions:

In order to keep a low carbon footprint, we recommend you wash at a maximum of 30 degrees.

Do not use a tumble dryer (it's the worst).

Wash inside out and with similar colours.

Iron inside out and not on the print.