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M043 'Oji Fox Parade' Raw-White Oversized T-shirt

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Oversized Unisex T-shirt (Green Print on Raw-White Tee)
Orders from the US we recommend checking the size guide as UK measurements differ.
Material: 100% Combed Organic Cotton with a fabric weight of 190 gsm. Jersey 5.6 oz. Fair Wear Accredited, PETA-Approved Vegan.
Weight: 190 G/M²
As is Hachiman tradition, each piece we create is made with a story in mind. For the Matsuri Series the chosen theme is Festivals, with the focus of this piece being the Oji Fox Parade.

In the area of Tokyo, long before the city was created, legends tell that foxes would gather from the Kanto region and dance under the Changing Tree. This was said to occur every New Year’s Eve. These foxes would stand like humans and dress themselves in human clothing, celebrating the year paying homage to the annual change. These festivities would end in a parade to the Oji Inari Shrine.

Taking inspiration from this legend, the famous Ukiyo-e master Utagawa Hiroshige created a well renowned woodblock print named “"New Year's Eve Foxfires at the Changing Tree, Oji."


Today the festival represents the spirit of change, a reflection on the previous year with an acceptance of the coming one. We modelled this concept in our design. The fox must look backward in order to see forwards. You must learn from your past to progress in your future.



Care instructions:

In order to keep a low carbon footprint, we recommend you wash at a maximum of 30 degrees.

Do not use a tumble dryer (it's the worst).

Wash inside out and with similar colours.

Iron inside out and not on the print.

T-shirt is 'Raw White' this is not a 100% white.