Aidan Smith - A JamStudios insight (1/2)

Aidan Smith - A JamStudios insight (1/2)

When Hachiman first released we knew that we needed a killer promotional video. After a tedious search through every known social media outlet, we came across Aidan Smith and Matt Houghton from Jamstudios. During the shoot, both lads went above and beyond in every way possible and provided us with with what we were looking for; some great footage.  

What first attracted you towards videography and photography and how long have you been doing it for?
I actually got into videography through Matt Houghton back when we were like 15, we uploaded so many stupid videos to YouTube that are all still up there lol .

What is the most fulfilling part about your job?

I love the creativity of my job being able to vision something in your head and bring it to life through the lens and premiere pro is 100% the best part of the job. Another thing I enjoy about the job is you can literally film anything… from shooting clothing brand promos with Hachiman to construction companies in Manchester, it doesn’t matter! You just have to be able to think outside the box.

What’s the most difficult part about your job?

Videography can become very difficult at times. Whether you know you’ve only got one chance to get the shot because you are working in the great British weather. The most difficult aspect of my job I would have to say is keeping to a time schedule. Nine out of ten times you will run past the time you were supposed to finish because you might not be happy with the shot so you have to retake a number of times.You don’t want to keep the client any longer than you have because it has most likely been a long day already, but you need to make sure you have got enough content to make a heavy promo!

How would you compare yourself to when you first began?

My skills really started to ramp up when I turned 20, I was shooting and editing every week in my job and I learnt an awful lot in a very short amount of time. I have always considered myself quite good at the editing side and not so good at the actual camera work side of things but I think I’m starting to even them out now.

What would you suggest to anyone who wants to get started with videography?

To anyone starting out in videography I’d say network with as many people as possible, there is always someone who needs a promotional video for their little ventures. In this day and age a little bit of professional video or photography work goes an awful way on social media. You 100% need a good enough laptop to install editing software on. If you can pick up the editing side of videography you will go a long way even before knowing how to use an actual camera.

What current projects are you working on?

There’s a number of project going on at the minute with me. I work full time in Manchester as a Social Media Manager/ Content Creator for a construction company called Prymo, filming the parts of the business you wouldn’t usually get to see. I also like to keep myself busy with freelance videography work for clients looking for promotional videos.

Tell me a bit about Jamstudios?

JamStudios is a digital marketing company we have set up that specialise in Graphic design, Videography, Photography and Web Design. It’s still very new but our aim is to eventually build up a client base that require our skill set.

Where can people find you and check out projects you’ve been working on?

Most of my best work I upload onto my personal account (@Aidannsmith_) or you can check out JamStudios @TheJamStudios or the website

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