Hachiman JPN is a small, UK based streetwear brand that was founded on the premise of creating expressive fashion that resonates with our community. Heavily inspired by Japanese culture and folklore, we strive to carve out a new space in the industry that sets us apart from the noise. 


As a brand in the current climate, we feel as though we have an obligation to our community and the planet to make our business as environmentally unintrusive as possible. To do that we focus heavily on procuring Fairwair Certified products that help reduce pollution and other toxic processes that take place in standard textiles production. It’s worth adding that organically manufactured clothing is less irritable and therefore insanely comfy! 


Fast fashion is growing in popularity every day and is a means to an end. We oppose it as a company from both moral and an environmental perspective and see our service as a way of offsetting the damage done by this trend. 


In order to stake our claim and create a community, we plan to collaborate and celebrate hidden talent in the creative industry; from DJ's and Craftsmen, to Graphic Designers and Photographers. If you’re interested to see what who we’ve found so far to some time to read through our blogs and discover this talent yourself!