Matt Houghton - A JamStudios insight (2/2)

In continuance of our last blog, we begin this interview with Matt Houghton. Working with Matt and looking at the work he creates, it’s clear he has a passion for all things creative. In combination with Aidan, JamStudios makes for a deadly venture and one which we are excited to see more of in the future. 
What first inspired you to creative video and photography work?
I started out making YouTube videos back when I was 14, you know the standard teenage vlog kind of format. I built a bit of an audience back then and decided to push myself into making more creative content, whether it be for brands or fictional work of my own creation. 
What do you enjoy most about your job?
I love that I can create whatever I want, I am my own boss and don't have someone telling me what to do. Well other than my friend and business partner Aidan, he's always keeping me in check.
What are the ingredients that go into creating the perfect shoot? 
The six P's. Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Production. 
What's your main goal with your camera work - where do you intend it to take you?
My main goal is to have fun. I've been lucky enough to turn my hobby into a career. I'd love to take on bigger projects and push myself creatively. Hopefully when rona disappears I'll be able to travel about the world more and put together a photography book, I've always wanted to publish some of my photographs like that. 
At this moment though, my friend Aidan and I are working together within our own production company called JamStudios, it's only in its infancy at the moment but we're putting every spare minute into it, especially during the virus. I've got a very good feeling about our little production company especially knowing what kind of content we're able to produce... 
Any current projects you've got in the works?
I've been working on a musical project called 'Full Legacy' over the course of lockdown and I'll be releasing an EP on December 1st! I've been shooting music videos to compliment it. A complete curve ball from photography and videography but I'm a creative having fun. I've got my eggs in various different baskets! 
You can find me on my socials below :) 
Instagram -  @matthghtn