Organic. Why?

Organic. Why?

When Hachiman JPN first began we started with a list of ideals we’d like our brand to stand for and where we envision ourselves to be. On this list, one main point was circled multiple times; Sustainability. As textiles are the third largest polluter of our world we wanted to find a method of production to reduce our negative impact on the environment as much as possible.

Where do our garments come from?

The organic cotton we use is grown in India and then made into a final piece in Europe. It is then shipped directly to us. In the future, our aim is to reduce the number of steps in production to keep emissions as low as possible. 

So what is organic cotton?

Organic cotton is cotton which is grown on non-genetically modified plants. It also means that no pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers have been used in the agricultural process. 

Social and environmental reasons to buy organic:

  • Organic cotton reduces acidification of water and land by up to 90% in comparison to regular cotton farming
  • Less water is used due to reduced irrigation (around a 91% reduction)
  • Socially responsible
  • Encourages sustainable farming methods
  • Uses 62% less energy

As a company we aren’t trying to shame those who don’t choose organic clothing, we just want to provide the option.

As we continue to grow we will find more and more ways in which to reduce our negative impact on the environment, as well as encourage others to do the same.

Stay safe!

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